Gernot Grömer

Titulatură: President of Austrian Space Forum & Public Speaker

Ce înseamnă „Going Beyond”?

”Going Beyond is not merely a “commodity” or “tool” of researchers and explorers. It is a necessity for our society, a tool to master challenges and learn who we are. Even more, for some of us it is a calling, that “itching for things remote” that fuels our passion to dare things no one has dared before.”

Despre: he is a researcher in the field of space exploration and has led twelve Mars field simulations ranging from alpine glaciers and deep Mars-like icecaves to the Northern Sahara. He has logged 98 hours of spacesuit activities as analogue astronaut and 30 minutes of zero gravity

Born 1975, masters degree in astronomy, PhD in exploration astrobiology (Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck), International Space University summer school (Houston/Texas), lecturer at the International Space University and the University of Innsbruck. Member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (Board of Mentors). Flight Crew 37th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign. Programme Management Group AustroMars and PolAres.

Teaches and does research at the Univ. Innsbruck in the field of human Mars exploration and Astrobiology. Dr. Groemer led more than 10 Mars expedition simulations, including the Northern Sahara, Utah and southern Spain and leads the development of the experimental spacesuit simulator Aouda.X.