Giorgio Fabbri

Titulatură: Musician, trainer, coach and University Adjunct Professor

Ce înseamnă „Going Beyond”?

I think “Going Beyond” is the main mission of the mankind. Dante in La Divina Commedia remind to us: “Consider your origins: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.” So don’t stop in front of the illusory appearance of sensory experience: there is always a deeper level to discover. In music also you can go beyond: as Plato said, music is not for fun, but to form harmonious personalities.

Despre: the professional experience of Giorgio Fabbri combines music, management and training, in a unique and integrated recipe. He is a musician, (orchestra conductor, performer and composer), a corporate trainer, a business and life coach, a university adjunt professor.

He conducted hundreds of concerts around the world, alongside artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Mirella Freni, Carla Fracci, with prizes in international competitions and many CD recordings (Sony, Tactus, Brilliant). Since 1998, for twelve years he has been Director of two Italian National Music Conservatoires, acquiring experience of the world of management and organization.

After that, he dedicated himself to study the music intelligence, developing Music Mind System© first and then Sound Genius© methods, specifically targeted to support people in personal and professional empowerment. Since 2009, over 25.000 people sperimented  these methods in Italy and Europe, in hundreds of workshops, in Universities, Corporate Public and Private International Organizations.

Giorgio Fabbri is adjunt professor since 2007 at Pavia and Ferrara University, here in Neurology Department, where is co-director of the Course “Music and Musictherapy in Neurology”. He published the book “Like an Orchestra “, Franco Angeli Edt. 2010, focusing the social and educative value of making music together.