Philippe Lattes

Titulatură: Deputy Director Space sector & European projects contracts officer ESA Bic Sud France

Ce înseamnă „Going Beyond”? For me going beyond could be defined as: „to make possible what is impossible”.

Despre: After 20 years spent in the space industry to design and build Earth Observation and science satellites, Philippe Lattes has reached Aerospace Valley, the biggest European innovation cluster for Aeronautics and Space. For 7 years, he has been working to stimulate innovation and the entrepreneurship in the Space sector, in particular in the use of space data in all the areas of society (agriculture, environment, energy…). In particular, he has built the ESA BIC Sud France, an incubator dedicated to support startups using the space technologies. Now he is focusing on the new potentialities offered by the convergence of the new space related developments, their merge with the Internet of Things potentialities, Big Data technologies and cloud capabilities. This convergence will allow an explosion of new applications in the coming years and services that will impact all aspects of our lives.