Rusanda Cojocaru

Titulatură: Founder Bookletta

Ce înseamnă „Going Beyond”?

The limits that are imposed on us by the society, by our education or our social circle, are not OUR limits. They are THEIR limits. In a fashion world that lacks depth and forgets about values, I BAG to differ.

Despre: Rusanda Cojocaru is a 29 year old entrepreneur from Chișinău who invented Bookletta – the bag for women who read. It is a unique handbag that has a special transparent pocket showing off your book, so everyone judges you by what you read more than by what you wear. Rusanda started a few years ago with the campaign ”Citesc, deci sunt sexy” and other different bookaholic projects that bring together fashion & culture, reading & social activities. She believes in innovation as the most powerful impulse for promoting culture and uses it in creating and developing a NEW niche of women who love both BOOKS and FASHION.